30 de setembro de 2016

Cooperation with Inflatable-zone

Hello everyone !!

Today I will talk about some kind of promotion / collaboration and so the post will be in English.
I was contacted by Ellen, who very friendly asked if I would like to collaborate in the promotion of your business, Inflatable-zone, you can visit in www.inflatable-zone.com.

The Inflatable-zone is a company founded in 2008, specializes in big inflatable products (when I say big, it's really BIG  :] )

They are divided into various categories such as:

- BUBBLE SOCCER - including:
- Bubble Football
- Bumper Ball
- Loopy Ball
- Body Zorb Ball

- WATER GAME - including:
- Water Ball
- Inflatable Pool
- Water Roller
- Water Blob
- Water Fly Fish
- Water Trampoline
- Inflatable Water Park

- ZORB BALL - which includes:
- Zorbing Ball
- Human Hamster Ball

- Inflatable Bouncer
- Inflatable Castle
- Inflatable Combo

- INFLATABLE SLIDE - including:
- Water Slide
- Kids Water Slide

- INFLATABLE GAME - including:
- Big Air Bag
- Soccer Arena
- Inflatable Air Track
- Amusement Park
- Archery Tag

- INFLATABLE TENT - including:
- Inflatable Tent
- Bubble Tent

(Click on the images for more information)

"Big Toys" for children and adults and have customers all over the world, the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia etc.
They also allow their customers to personalize their products  sending a Logo, suggesting different sizes, shapes and colors.
Shipping is free for Europe for example and done in an estimated period of 14 days, payments can be made through Paypal, a very accessible way and have 1 year warranty, which is very good making the company even more reliable.

Are big products as I mentioned, nor anyone the may have to fun, that's true, but loved having some of these BIG toys.

One day I will be rich and have a house with a big lake and i will buy one of these to put
over there :)

They can also be a great investment for those who think opening your own business, creating a kind of "City of Inflatables," don't copy my idea, one day I will win Euro Millions and then you can all come to enjoy my "City of Inflatables" :)

But while not winning the Euro Millions already satisfied me with a Bumper Ball :p

The photos above are my favorites in each category.
All photos and links were removed from the Inflatable-zone site with due authorization.

What about you guys liked to know Inflatable-zone?
Would like to try?
What are your favorites?

Kisses Miúda *

14 comentários:

  1. Não sei falar inglês mas deixo os votos de um

  2. colaborar e ajudar nas promoções fica sempre bem. Aqui se mostra o enorme coração da Miúda. És uma mulher linda


  3. A ultima parece bem interessante eheh

  4. Socorro! Não entendo linguas :-)


  5. Não me importava nada, nada de experimentar todos eles!! Era a loucura =)

  6. Gosto! Sinto-me uma criança no meio destas coisas :)

  7. Woow.. so nice products....
    Does she have representantion in Brazil!!!???

  8. Parabéns pela colaboração!


  9. Postagem maravilhosa amei a dica, bom final de semana obrigado pela visita.

  10. Sounds nice :)
    Gonna take a good look at the photos later on

  11. Este verão estive num "parque aquático" na praia e não consegui gostar. Além de ser tudo SUPER escorregadio, estive sempre gelada porque a temperatura da água na zona onde os insufláveis são montados é mais fria. É uma ideia gira, mas não fiquei fã.


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